23 - 30
July 2023


University Babeș-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Energy transition (i.e. the replacement of the fossil energy mix by a stable decarbonized, renewable energy mix) is a huge worldwide challenge. For the EU, that leads this process, energy transition is also a categorical imperative towards energy security. Consequently, the alignment of the public policies of the EU community on these crucial issues, with the introduction of CO2 emission rates and other strict environmental regulations, is now a reality. However, in the EU and elsewhere, there are persisting differences within and among nations and regions engaged in energy transition. A more ample and profound view of the process requires new models and a wide discussion based on technical aspects together with economic, cultural, historical and socioeconomic factors. In this moving scenario, that offers unprecedented opportunities, GEM-SILKWAY 2023 – EASTERN EUROPE Edition is ready to contribute to knowledge and dissemination and offers to young researchers, graduate students and professionals:

  • a wide panorama of the energy policies undertaken specifically in Western and East Europe
  • the new trends in energy production (renewable and conventional)
  • economic and financial models to propose for a smooth transition
  • best practises in Europe in energy transition.

Contents covered

Attending GEM-SILKWAY EASTERN EUROPE Edition will allow participants to share knowledge with lecturers and students from all over Europe and beyond. The topics are constantly updated to the current world economic energy scenario, with specific focus to the EU.

World economy with focus on energy and green energy scenario; focus on Eastern Europe Countries. The policies to transition European Countries. Economic and financial modelling. Sustainable mobility.

Program coordinator:

  • Prof. Ovidiu Bordean
  • Prof. Enrico Moretto

Scientific committee:

  • Maurizio Acciarri – University of Milano-Bicocca
  • Ovidiu Bordean, International events and activities coordinator at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Romania
  • Enrico Moretto, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
  • Mustață Răzvan, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Romania
  • Silvana Stefani – University of Milano-Bicocca
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